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About Us

Oak Crest exemplifies the very best in customer service. We believe in providing options and encouraging personal choice.

The caring programs that are offered represent the utmost in dignity, creativity and integrity.

Our philosophy is simple: treat each person as you would your own parent or grandparent: caring for the individuals needs and respecting their preferences.

With this goal in mind we acknowledge that choosing a new home can be a very complicated and difficult decision.


The most important thing Oak Crest has to accomplish on a daily basis is to satisfy the needs and wants of our members. We take customer service very seriously. There are two things that happen at Oak Crest everyday: first, people come to provide services around the clock and second, people pay to receive those services. That process repeats itself endlessly and has for the past 108 years, that is consistency and that is stability.

Building on that consistency and stability our service delivery is a common sense no nonsense approach. We customize our service packages for our members, offering to do our best and promising to consider your specific preferences and needs. Naturally we each have habits developed over a lifetime, the number one trepidation most adults face when considering a move is that they will now have to fit into somebody else’s day. At Oak Crest, our approach is to acknowledge the legitimacy of that anxiety and the solution is to make a personal package for every member, placing their prefences first.

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